BioMed Central’s Research Integrity Group

The Research Integrity Group is dedicated to maintaining best practice in peer review and editorial policy across all journals published by BioMed Central. The group is responsible for defining BioMed Central’s editorial policies, providing support for editors, and highlighting quality content.

The Research Integrity Group works closely with in-house editors, external academic editors and the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) to ensure that the journals’ editorial processes are consistent with recognized best practice in scholarly publishing. The group provides advice to editors on all aspects of research and publication ethics. Additionally the group conducts research into peer review, as well as participating in debates, workshops and conferences related to research integrity and publication ethics.

Collectively, the group has a wealth of experience as professional journal editors and its members have diverse backgrounds in research, clinical medicine and the biological sciences.

Caroline Black

Caroline Black – Editorial Director
Caroline is Editorial Director at BioMed Central with responsibility for the BMC Series of community-focused, inclusive open access journals, the medical evidence portfolio, and the research integrity group. Previously she was Managing Director of Portland Press and Group Head of Publishing for the Biochemical Society, and has also held senior positions at Mac Keith Press, Blackwell Publishing, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins and Thomson Science.

Jigisha Patel

Jigisha Patel – Associate Editorial Director (Research Integrity)
Jigisha earned her first degree in Medicine and her PhD on postprandial physiology from Queen Mary, University of London. As well as spending several years in hospital clinical practice and a year at the National Institutes of Health for her PhD, Jigisha has taught on the Professional Development course for medical students at University College London Medical School and human biology at the Open University. Jigisha joined BioMed Central in 2007 and had editorial responsibility for over 30 medical journals in the BMC Series. Jigisha leads the Research Integrity Group, with overall responsibility for BioMed Central’s strategy, standards and expertise in publication ethics and in high-quality, rigorous peer review.

Elizabeth Moylan

Elizabeth Moylan – Senior Editor (Research Integrity)
Elizabeth has a PhD and post-doc from the University of Oxford, UK. In 2004, she moved into publishing as an in-house Editor handling peer review on the, then fledgling, BMC Series of journals in the early days of the open access movement. In subsequent roles as Deputy Biology Editor and Biology Editor she has also been involved in journal development activity across a number of BMC Series titles including overseeing the launch of BMC Biophysics and BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology. In her present role as Senior Editor (Research Integrity), Elizabeth has oversight of editorial policies and peer review processes and is particularly interested in new models of peer review.

Maria Kowalczuk

Maria Kowalczuk – Biology Editor
Maria obtained a PhD in Biology at the University of Wroclaw, Poland where she researched the coding properties of microbial genomes. In 2006 Maria joined BioMed Central as an in-house Editor managing the peer review process for a number of BMC Series biology journals including the flagship BMC Biology (2008). In 2010 Maria was appointed the Deputy Biology Editor responsible for the content of all biology journals within the BMC Series of journals. The role expanded in 2012 to cover all aspects of policy and ethical issues across all BioMed Central’s biology journals. In her current role as Biology Editor, Maria continues to pursue research and take part in debates, meetings and conferences related to research integrity and publication ethics. Maria is also a co-Editor-in-Chief of the Research and Publication Ethics section of Research Integrity and Peer Review.

Stephanie Harriman

Stephanie Harriman – Medical Editor
Stephanie has a degree in Medicine from Brighton and Sussex Medical School. After graduating, she worked in hospital clinical practice, completing rotations as a junior doctor. She joined BioMed Central in 2010 as Deputy Medical Editor. In her current role as Medical Editor, Stephanie advises on publication ethics and best practice in peer review across all medical titles published by BioMed Central. Stephanie has a keen interest in developing editorial policy and co-ordinated a re-write of BioMed Central’s editorial policies. She has also developed guidelines for Editors on dealing with cases of text recycling in conjunction with COPE. Stephanie in events relating to peer review, research integrity and publication ethics and is co-Editor-in-Chief of the Research and Publication Ethics section of Research Integrity and Peer Review.

Magdalena Morawska

Magdalena Morawska – Associate Editor (Research Integrity)
Magda has a PhD in molecular biology from the University of Göttingen, Germany. She then did a postdoc at Cancer Research UK, working with Helle Ulrich on understanding how cells control DNA damage response during DNA replication. She joined BioMed Central in 2013 as an Executive Editor, managing the peer review and development for a number of BMC Series journals. She has now taken the role of Associate Editor for Research Integrity. In her current role she is involved in maintaining and enforcing editorial and ethical policies. She provides advice and support for in-house and external expert editors on matters relating to publication and research ethics.

Pauline Starley

Pauline Starley – Associate Editor (Research Integrity)
Pauline joined the Research Integrity Group at BioMed Central in February 2015 as an Associate Editor and provides advice and support to in-house and external Editors on editorial policy and ethical issues in research and publication. Previously she held senior editorial roles at Portland Press Limited (the wholly owned publishing subsidiary of the Biochemical Society) working with the Editorial Boards of the Biochemical Journal and Clinical Science on peer review and editorial policies, journal development and editorial office management. She also has experience of launching open access journals and converting subscription journals to open access. She has a degree in Physiology and Biochemistry from the University of Reading.

Jo Appleford-Cook

Jo Appleford-Cook – Editorial Training Manager
Jo has a PhD in neuroscience from Imperial College, UK (working with Robert Lucas and Russell Foster on circadian photoreception). In 2005 she joined the BMC series journals as an Assistant Editor, handing manuscripts through the peer review process. In 2006-2007 Jo worked as a Senior Editor for The Lancet Neurology, before re-joining BioMed Central, and then in 2010 became Publisher for the BMC Series. She has now taken on the role of Editorial Training Manager, overseeing both internal and external editor training and resourcing.

Lux Fatimathas

Lux Fatimathas – Editor, Biome
Lux obtained her PhD in cell and molecular biology from University College London, after which she moved to Singapore for a postdoc in developmental biology at the A*Star Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. She then moved into science communications and took on a position as Managing Editor at the National University of Singapore's Mechanobiology Institute. On returning to the UK, she worked for the charity, Progress Educational Trust, as Science Editor, and for the Medical Research Council in the public engagement department of the Clinical Sciences Centre. Lux joined BioMed Central in 2013 as Communications Editor. Lux promotes the high quality research published across BioMed Central's journals.

Sophie Marchant

Sophie Marchant – Acting Scientific Editor (Research Integrity)
After graduating with a BSc in Biology from the University of Southampton, Sophie joined BioMed Central in 2013 as an Editorial Assistant. Now, as Acting Scientific Editor, she is involved in facilitating the promotion of content published in our journals and communicating hot topics to the wider scientific community via the Blogs Network.

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