BioMed Central 与理文编辑是怎样的合作

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作为BioMed Central与理文编辑合作计划的一部分,我们在网站上刊登广告,建议作者使用理文编辑的服务;此外,当作者直接咨询我们时,我们也会向他们推荐理文编辑。BioMed Central旗下的部分期刊也会在其《稿约》和编辑部邮件中向作者介绍理文编辑提供的服务。作者直接向理文编辑支付相关费用;经BioMed Central与理文编辑协商,向BioMed Central旗下期刊投稿的作者在使用理文编辑的服务时可享受9折优惠。BioMed Central并未向理文编辑收取任何费用或佣金。BioMed Central和理文编辑还将携手举办更多的作者培训班。

 FAQ questions

  1. What journals does BioMed Central publish and what sorts of articles do they contain?
  2. How do I find out if my manuscript is in scope for a BioMed Central journal?
  3. How do I submit my manuscript to a BioMed Central journal?
  4. Can I interrupt the submission process before it's complete?
  5. Is there a word or page limit for articles published in a BioMed Central journal?
  6. How should I format my manuscript for submission?
  7. How do I prepare illustrations and figures to be submitted with my manuscript?
  8. Can I submit movies and large figure files with my manuscript?
  9. Can I continue the submission of a manuscript when my colleague began the process?
  10. Can I submit my manuscript to you even though it is published elsewhere?
  11. What is BioMed Central's policy on patient consent?
  12. 语言润色服务是什么?
  13. BioMed Central 本身是否提供语言润色
  14. BioMed Central 选择理文编辑(Edanz)作为语言润色服务合作伙伴的理由?
  15. BioMed Central 的作者是否必须使用理文编辑进行语言润色?
  16. 使用理文编辑或其他润色服务是否会影响文章
  17. BioMed Central 与理文编辑是怎样的合作
  18. Where do I find more about article-processing charges?
  19. Are the BioMed Central journals peer-reviewed?
  20. What is BioMed Central's editorial structure?
  21. How long will it take to peer review my manuscript?
  22. What is 'open peer review', as operated by the medical journals in the BMC series?
  23. Does BioMed Central copy-edit manuscripts?
  24. How long will it take for my article to be available in its final form?
  25. Can an article be changed once it is published?
  26. How can I tell how many times my article has been viewed?
  27. Are articles published in journals published by BioMed Central available in printed form?
  28. What is the copyright policy for BioMed Central's journals?
  29. What types of articles do journals published by BioMed Central consider?
  30. How can I support open access publishing?
  31. How do I cite articles published in a BioMed Central journal?
  32. Do BioMed Central journals have Impact Factors and are their citations tracked?
  33. Are articles included in PubMed and other bibliographic databases?
  34. How long will it take for my article to be included in PubMed?
  35. How long will it take for my article to be available in PubMed Central?
  36. How is continued open access availability of my articles guaranteed?
  37. What is, and what is BioMed Central's relationship with, LabArchives?
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