2. Why publish in a BioMed Central journal?

In comparison to other publishers, the advantages and differences of publishing in BioMed Central journals are:

Immediate and free access for all

BioMed Central journals make all published original research immediately accessible through both BioMed Central and PubMed Central, without subscription charges or registration barriers. BioMed Central, through its Open Access Charter, is committed permanently to maintaining this policy and has created a Board of Trustees to ensure that it is maintained. Unlike most other participants in PubMed Central, there will be no delay between publication of research in BioMed Central journals and availability on PubMed Central.

Fast, efficient peer review

All research in BioMed Central journals is fully peer reviewed. This process is streamlined thanks to a user-friendly, web-based system for submission and for referees to view manuscripts and return their reviews.

High visibility

Publishing with a BioMed Central journal gives your paper optimal and unprecedented access by a readership spanning the global continuum of research in biology and medicine. PubMed, the world's most popular literature search service, indexes all research published in BioMed Central journals without delay.


All original research published by BioMed Central journals will be archived in PubMed Central, so permanent accessibility is assured.

Citable articles

BioMed Central journals are cited in a way that closely follows the traditional citation model. BioMed Central has worked closely with the Institute of Scientific Information to ensure that citations to these articles are correctly tracked.

Authors keep copyright

Authors of published research keep copyright to their work. [more information]

Author charges

BioMed Central journals do not have page charges, color figure charges or submission fees. However, for most of the open access articles published in BioMed Central journals there is an article-processing charge. The majority of BioMed Central's journals routinely waive charges for authors from low-income countries; the remainder consider waiver requests on the grounds of hardship on a case-by-case basis. Authors from institutions that are Members of BioMed Central do not have to pay the article-processing charge as it is covered by a payment from their institution.

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