16. Does BioMed Central support access from mobile devices?

BioMed Central journal websites have been updated so that users on mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers, have an enhanced experience when viewing full text articles, and navigating and searching content, making better use of small screen sizes and touch-screen functionality.

How do I access the mobile-friendly version of articles

BioMed Central uses a 'responsive' web design. This means that the website automatically responds to the capabilities of the device that is being used. On a desktop computer, the user will normally see the standard version. On a smartphone, the user will automatically default to the mobile-optimized appearance.

If you are viewing the mobile-optimised version of an article, but would like to view the standard desktop version, you can use the link displayed at the bottom of every mobile-optimized page.

Conversely, when browsing on a desktop PC, if you make the browser window very small, you will see the mobile-optimized version of the article.


To improve the mobile reading experience, figures are displayed inline rather than as popups.
On all mobile operating systems, clicking a figure will load the high resolution version.
On iOS, the high resolution version of a figure can also be viewed simply by using ‘pinch and stretch’ to zoom in, which will cause the high resolution version to be automatically loaded when needed.

Viewing additional files

The following ‘apps’ may be useful for viewing additional files.

Support for viewing of videos attached as additional files is planned for a future release.


To enhance searching, mobile-optimized search and search results are available:

  • Search within a specific journal, or across the site
  • View your query, or search terms
  • See all matching results
  • Refine your query or broaden your search area
  • Choose how many results are displayed per page

Contact us

There is a mobile-optimized 'Contact us' page, for getting in touch or sending feedback.


The navigation menu is accessible from the top of the screen. Clicking on the icon opens the menu as easy-to-use options.

Can I save articles to read offline?

A convenient way to save articles for offline viewing is to save the PDF to a reader such as iBooks, or to a bibliographic management app such as Papers.

Additional support for offline reading is planned for a future release.

What about the rest of the site – do you plan to make that mobile friendly?

Our journal websites and our publisher websites are now mobile optimized:

We will be rolling out further mobile optimizations in the coming months – see our blog for details.

BioMed Central's blog network is already optimized for mobile.

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