10. What does it cost to publish in a BioMed Central journal?

BioMed Central journals do not have page charges, color figure charges or submission fees. However, for most of the open access articles published in BioMed Central journals there is an article-processing charge. The majority of BioMed Central's journals routinely waive charges for authors from low-income countries; the remainder consider waiver requests on the grounds of hardship on a case-by-case basis. Authors from institutions that are Members of BioMed Central do not have to pay the article-processing charge as it is covered by a payment from their institution.

Articles must be submitted in the formats that are detailed in the journal's instructions to authors, which are subject to change. If authors are unable to do this, BioMed Central reserves the right to charge for the work of file conversion.

Articles must be written in sufficiently good English that they can readily be understood by peer reviewers and readers. If the language needs more attention than the authors are able to give it, BioMed Central may either charge authors for editing their manuscript or suggest the services of our language translation partner and leading medical and scientific editing service provider, Edanz.

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