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Figure S6.Distributions of FA size, speed, lifetime and elongation for slow and fast migrating cells. Histograms of FA size A.-B., speed D.-E., lifetime G.-H. and size J.-K. were generated by dividing cells into slow and fast migrating groups (A., D., G. and J. slow migrating cells and B., E., H. and K. fast migrating cells). Histograms were fitted with lognormal probability distributions except for speed, which was fitted with a Weibull probability distribution. The mean values of FA C. size, F. speed, I. lifetime and L. elongation are also shown. The number of measurements of FA properties is the product of the average FA number and the cell number. Size, speed, lifetime and elongation: Ncell,slow = 21, NFA,slow = 12,773, Ncell,fast = 34, NFA,fast = 16,842. Error bars are 95 % confidence intervals and asterisks denote p < 0.01.

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Hou et al. BMC Biophysics 2012 5:8   doi:10.1186/2046-1682-5-8