Figure 2.

Screen shot of a plot showing an AMPA receptor trajectory with confined regions. A sample trajectory was registered for a single AMPA receptor in live hippocampal neurons under basal conditions (left panel). The green and red circles represent the first and last trajectory points, respectively. The confinement zones (light blue circles) correspond to regions in which the confinement index is above the critical threshold level, Lc. The confinement index is shown in the upper-right panel, and the critical threshold, Lc, is indicated by the light-blue line. The lower-right panel shows the instantaneous diffusion coefficient. In general, confinement zones associated with the movement of the AMPA receptor are correlated with lower values of the instantaneous diffusion coefficient. This trajectory corresponds to trajectory number 5591 in the file 13CTRL1a. The distance and time units were μm and s.

Menchón et al. BMC Biophysics 2012 5:4   doi:10.1186/2046-1682-5-4
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