Figure 2.

Overlay of all ligands obtained from GPCR crystal structures mapped onto the structure of rhodopsin. A total of 18 ligands from available GPCR structures are super positioned onto rhodopsin by structure alignment. The alignment and images were generated using PyMOL (Version 0.99rc6; webcite). For clarity loop regions and parts of TM regions of rhodopsin (in grey; PDB ID 1U19) are removed in the images. The ligands are colored as follows: BR (green), SR (pale green), β1AR (shades of red), β2AR (shades of yellow), A2A (magenta), D3R (cyan) and CXCR4 (CVX15 in blue and IT1t in marine blue). The PDB structures used in the figure are 1U19, 2Z73, 2VT4, 2Y00, 2Y02, 2Y03, 2Y04, 2RH1, 3D4S, 3NY8, 3NY9, 3NYA, 3P0G, 3PDS, 3EML, 3PBL, 3ODU and 3OE0. All the ligands show high overlap in their positions with RT, except CVX15, ZM241385 and IT1t, which only partially overlap with RT and other ligands

Moitra et al. BMC Biophysics 2012 5:13   doi:10.1186/2046-1682-5-13
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