Figure 8.

Synoptic display and clustering of 1D expression profiles of various genes at different development times. Normalized gene expression profiles are conveniently ordered based on their similarity in spatial intensity distribution. This compact overview contains expression patterns of hox, wnt, nanos, foxA, vasa, PL10 and snail genes from various sources. Gene name and development time for each profile are displayed on the right in the format {gene}:{hours past fertilization}, except for hox1 which is in the hollow sphere (blastula, bl) stage and therefore its age cannot be determined from its morphology. The gene expression intensity is scaled from black (no expression) to bright green (maximal expression). The dendrogram on the left shows the correlation between the spatial expression patterns. In this hierarchical clustering, the Pearson correlation coefficient was applied for the similarity measure and average linkage for tree formation. The dendrogram was cut at similarity 0.6 to obtain five groups (blue, red, yellow, purple and green from top to bottom). A detailed description of the function used to display the data and documentation of the algorithms for the correlation is provided at [30].

Botman and Kaandorp BMC Research Notes 2012 5:555   doi:10.1186/1756-0500-5-555
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