Figure 3.

Gene expression profile of WB-cells treated with Pdx-1(-VP16) or TAT-Pdx-1(-VP16) proteins in high glucose culture. RT-PCR analysis was performed after two weeks of protein treatment. cDNA from rat pancreas served as control for pancreatic gene expression, and cDNA from rat liver served as positive control for albumin expression (*). Each sample is represented by a single column and corresponds to an independent biological repeat of the experiment (LG (n = 5), HG (n = 5), Pdx-1 (n = 4), TAT-Pdx-1 (n = 4), Pdx-1-VP16 (n = 5), TAT-Pdx-1-VP16 (n = 5)). Each gene is represented by a single row of coloured boxes. Black colouring represents RT-PCR positive samples, whereas white colouring represents negative samples. LG: Low Glucose control WB cells; HG: High Glucose control WB cells. (See additional data 3 for original electrophoresis gel images).

Delisle et al. BMC Research Notes 2009 2:3   doi:10.1186/1756-0500-2-3
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