Table 3

Genes that are toxicity and aggregation modifiers in D. melanogaster and their orthologs in H. sapiens and M. musculus1
D. melanogaster genes D. melanogaster ND models2 Ref H. sapiens orthologs M. musculus orthologs Ref3
DnaJ-1 ADTau, HD, PolyQ, SCA1, SCA3 [30-34] DNAJB1, DNAJB4, DNAJB5, DNAJB13 Dnajb1, Dnajb4, Dnajb5, Dnajb13 [35-40]
thread ADTau, HD, SCA1, SCA3, SCA7 [21,32,41,42] BIRC2, BIRC3 Birc2, Birc3 [43-45]
Atx2 ADTau, HD, SCA1, SCA3, SCA7 [21,41,42,46] Atxn2, Atxn2L Atxn2, Atxn2L [47-52]
Hsc70-3 HD, SCA1, SCA7 [32,42] HSPA5 Hspa5 [53]
Hsc70Cb ADTau, HD, SCA3 [5,54,55] HSPH1(HSP110), HSPA4, HSPA4L Hsph1 (Hsp110), Hspa4, Hsp4l [56,57]
Rpd3 HD, SCA1, SCA7 [34,42,58] HDAC1, HDAC2 Hdac1, Hdac2 [59-65]
14-3-3epsilon HD, SCA1 [66,67] YWHAZ, YWHAB, YWHAE Ywhaz, Ywhab, Ywhae [67-73]
CG5537 HD [74] UPRT Uprt N/A
Hsf HD, SCA3 [75] Hsf2, Hsf4, Hsfx1, Hsfx2, Hsfy1, Hsfy2, Hsf5 Hsf2, Hsf3, Hsf4, Hsfy2, Hsf5 [76-78]
Nipped-A HD, SCA3, SCA7 [42,54,55] TRRAP Trrap [79,80]
Sec61alpha HD, SCA3 [81] Sec61A1, Sec61A2 Sec61a1, Sec61a2 [82,83]
Nup160 HD, SCA3 [55,74] Nup160 NUP160 [84-86]
CG1109 HD [74] WDR33(WDC146) Wdr33 (Wdc146) N/A
Snap HD [66] NAPA, NAPB Napa, Napb N/A
smt3 HD [74] SUMO1, SUMO2, SUMO3, SUMO4 Sumo1, Sumo2, Sumo3 [87-91]
Mef2 HD [66] MEF2A, MEF2B, MEF2BNB, MEF2C, MEF2D Mef2a, Mef2b, Mef2c, Mef2d [92-97]
chic HD [98] PFN4 Pfn4 [99]
Rpt1 HD [74] PSMC2 Psmc2 [100-102]
Sin3A HD, SCA1, SCA3 [5,32,34] Sin3A, Sin3B Sin3a, Sin3b [103]
Rheb ADTau, HD [74,104] Rheb, RhebL1 Rheb, Rhebl1 [105,106]

1Orthologs were obtained from NeuroGeM in which protein homolog groups of NCBI HomoloGene and InParanoid were integrated.

2Disease models in which the genes were identified as modifiers.

3Studies in which the mammalian orthologs were identified as modifiers.

Na et al.

Na et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2013 6:52   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-6-52

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