Table 3

Structural features that indicate different dependence types between the variables
Relation Abbreviation Graphical
Pairwise features
Direct causal relevance DCR(X,Y) There is an edge between X and Y
Transitive causal relevance TCR(X,Y) There is directed path between X and Y
Confounded relevance ConfR(X,Y) X and Y have common ancestor
Association A(X,Y) DCR or TCR or ConfR
Pure interactionist relevance PIR(X,Y) X and Y have common child
Strong relevance SR(X,Y) PIR or DCR
Relevance of variable sets
Strong relevance MBS(Y) The set consisting of Y’s parents, its children, and the other parents of its children (the Markov Blanket Set of Y)
Interaction models of relevant variables
Strong relevance MBG(Y) The subgraph that includes the nodes in the MBS and the incoming edges into Y and into its children (the Markov Blanket Subgraph of Y)

Lautner-Csorba et al.

Lautner-Csorba et al. BMC Medical Genomics 2012 5:42   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-5-42

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