Figure 5.

Significant signaling pathway networks mined from pituitary adenoma comparative dataset. Significant signaling pathway networks that are involved in human pituitary adenoma differentially expressed proteins and that function in (A) cancer, endocrine-system development and function, organ morphology (Network 7); (B) lipid metabolism, molecular transport, smallmolecule biochemistry (Network 8); and (C) hematological-system development and function, tissue morphology, hematological disease (Network 9). An orange solid edge denotes a direct relationship between two nodes (molecules: proteins; genes). A black unsolid edge denotes an indirect relationship between two nodes (molecules: proteins; genes). A red node denotes an up-regulated protein, and a green node denotes a down-regulated protein in our studies [2,3], with different color levels that reflect the fold-change of protein differential expression (Additional file 1, Table S2). The various shapes of nodes denote the different functions (Additional file 1, Table S2). A duplicated shape means this node contains multiple components. A curved line means intracellular translocation; A curved arrow means extracellular translocation.

Zhan and Desiderio BMC Medical Genomics 2010 3:13   doi:10.1186/1755-8794-3-13
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