Figure 6.

Visualization of the multi-level cross-talk between Notch and TGF-β pathways to illustrate the capabilities of a SignaLink 2 download file. In each part of the figure, text boxes show the color legend of the nodes. Number of components is listed in parentheses. a) Protein-protein interactions of Notch and TGF-β pathway members, transcription factors, scaffold and endocytotic proteins. Interactions between pathway members and of transcription factors (TFs) are shown with blue edges, while the interaction of scaffold and endocytotic proteins are shown with green edges. b) Transcriptional regulations of Notch and TGF-β pathway members, TFs, scaffold/endocytotic proteins and miRNAs. Transcriptional regulations of proteins and miRNAs are shown with orange and light blue edges, respectively. Those TFs that regulate miRNAs are highlighted with a light blue border. c) Post-transcriptional regulations of Notch and TGF-β pathway members, TFs and scaffold/endocytotic proteins. Post-transcriptional connection between miRNAs and their target proteins is shown with red edges. d) An integrated Notch – TGF-β map. This is a merged network image of the previous three networks. With textboxes we highlighted cross-talk regulating miRNAs. See the main text for the details of each network. The networks were analyzed and visualized with Cytoscape [69].

Fazekas et al. BMC Systems Biology 2013 7:7   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-7-7
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