Table 2

Top 10 up-regulated genes in SaOS-2/LM7 model
Up-regulated genes Entrez Gene SaOS-2/LM7 (Log2) p-value Function
NES 10763 30 1.8 x 10E-11 May play a role in the trafficking and distribution of intermediate filaments and other cell factors during cell division
WDR72 256764 25 1.8 x 10E-9 Involved in enamel formation
VAMP8 8673 24 1.5 x 10E-10 Involved in the targeting and fusion of transport vesicles to their target membrane
MUC15 143662 23 3.2 x 10E-12 May play a role in the cell adhesion to the extracellular matrix
LPPR4 9890 21 1.5 x 10E-10 Facilitates axonal outgrowth during development and regenerative sprouting
PTPRB 5787 18 1.9 x 10E-9 Plays an important role in blood vessel remodelling and angiogenesis
WIF1 11197 18 5.6 x 10E-11 Binds to Wnt proteins and inhibits their activities
PTPRR 5801 17 4.6 x 10E-9 Sequesters protein kinases in the cytoplasm in an inactive form and releases them for activation and translocation into the nucleus
FIBIN 387758 17 1.5 x 10E-11 Uncharacterized
SYK 6850 16 1.0 x 10E-10 Regulates several processes including immunity, cell adhesion, osteoclast maturation, platelet activation and vascular development

Flores et al.

Flores et al. BMC Systems Biology 2012 6:50   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-6-50

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