Figure 3.

Glycolytic oscillations in the wild type BY4743 compared to isogenic mutants in genes encoding respective glycolytic enzymes. Panels: (a): BY4743 (blue trace), hxk1Δ (red trace) and hxk2Δ (green trace) mutants; (b): BY4743 (blue trace), pfk1Δ (red trace) and pfk2Δ (green trace); (c): BY4743 (blue trace), tdh1Δ (red trace), tdh2Δ (green trace) and tdh3Δ (purple trace). Oscillations were induced by the addition of glucose to a concentration of 30 mM after 60 seconds, followed by addition of KCN to a final concentration of 5 mM after 140 seconds. NADH fluorescence intensity was followed using a fluorimeter.

Williamson et al. BMC Systems Biology 2012 6:108   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-6-108
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