Figure 7.

Coupling rate constant between VEGFR1 and NP-1 impacts VEGF binding to VEGFR2. Simulations were performed with Model 1 (VEGFf can bind to VEGFR1 and NP-1 - dashed line) and Model 2 (VEGFf cannot bind to VEGFR1 and NP-1 - filled circles) with VEGF (0.023 nM) and variable VEGFf for 3 h using base parameter values except for the coupling rate between VEGFR1 and NP-1. Total VEGFR2 bound to VEGF (surface and internal) is shown. kc0 is the base value shown in Table 2. kc = 0 is equivalent for both models and is shown in the solid line.

Forsten-Williams et al. BMC Systems Biology 2011 5:170   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-5-170
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