Figure 2.

Main direct and indirect targets of the drugs. Network representing the main direct and indirect targets of rosuvastatin (RSV), fenofibrate (FF) and T0901317 (T09) with overlaid high-cholesterol expression and metabolomic data from ArrayExpress database with accession number: ETABM-253 [27]. Drugs and metabolites are depicted in purple (hexagonal symbols), factors with catalytic or enzymatic activity in yellow, transporters in purple (cross symbols), transcription factors in red (flash star symbol), cytokines and lipoproteins in green, receptors and adaptor proteins in blue. Red (blue) circles in the top-right corner of each icon indicate a positive (negative) effect of high-cholesterol on the expression level. Green (red) lines indicate an activating (inhibiting) effect between interacting molecules. Bold yellow arrows specify the primary drug targets (HMDH for RSV, PPAR-alpha for FF, LXR-alpha/LXR-beta for T0901317). Lipids and molecules involved in basic lipoprotein metabolism are boxed in yellow. Grey boxes represent shared targets, i.e. factors that are affected by at least two of the drugs. Factors that are regulated specifically by T0901317 are arranged vertically on the right (not boxed).

Kleemann et al. BMC Systems Biology 2011 5:125   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-5-125
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