Additional file 7.

Analysis of the 1D minimal model with basic set of parameters. The figure showing changes in the auxin distribution pattern at N = 50 in response to variations in: (a-b). α value; (c). diffusion rate (D) value; (d). K0 value; (e). q1 value; (f). q2 value; (g). q3 value; (h). Kd value, where other parameters were defined as in [Additional file 2: II]. Auxin distribution pattern calculated with the basic set of parameters and matching experimental data is marked by asterisk. Unstable fluctuations of auxin concentration in time are marked by dashed lines. The distributions having additional auxin maxima at the root base are blue colored. (e-k) The 1 D minimal model analysis in the STEP+ package [37]. e. The stationary solutions for ith cells obtained by the method of continuation with respect to parameter α. The number of crossings of the selected component with a vertical line at α = 1 corresponds to the total number of stationary solutions (stable and unstable), with the same set of parameters. k. The stationary solutions of the model estimated on figure (e.). j. Oscillation of auxin concentration in the ith cells in time (tu). In all plots, the y axis specifies auxin concentration in concentration units (cu).

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Mironova et al. BMC Systems Biology 2010 4:98   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-98