Figure 5.

MiRNA target (sub)network. (A) To study the function of the top 19 differentially expressed miRNAs with the largest damage values, we constructed mRNA target networks of these 19 miRNAs with 476 nodes and 1,128 arcs and 174 edges, where 5 underexpressed miRNAs negatively regulated 85 overexpressed genes and 14 overexpressed miRNA negatively regulated 372 underexpressed genes. 1128 arcs were miRNA-mRNA pairs, 15 edges connected coexpressed miRNAs, and remaining 159 edges linked coexpressed genes. The genes with large damage value or related to cancer in the co expression network genes were highlighted and those gene names were marked in the figure. (B) MiRNA target subnetwork. 7 genes with the damage values greater than 15 and 14 cancer related genes were regulated by 11 miRNAs with the damage values greater than 20 (Additional files 12). Those nodes and edges were extracted from Figure 5A mRNA target network.

Dong et al. BMC Systems Biology 2010 4:163   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-163
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