Additional file 2.

Supplementary tables and figures. This file includes 3 supplementary tables and 3 supplementary figures. Supplementary table S1 shows the schizophrenia genes (SZGenes) targeted by more than one SZmiRNA and the number of SZGenes targeted by SZmiRNAs. Supplementary table S2 shows the SZmiRNA-TF mutual regulation loops found in this analysis. Supplementary table S3 shows the enriched GO terms in the predicted targets of 3 core miRNAs. Supplementary figure S1 depicts the comparison of the number of targets by SZmiRNAs in 160 schizophrenia genes and 160 randomly selected genes. Supplementary figure S2 depicts the distribution of the number of TFBSs in schizophrenia genes and SZmiRNAs. Supplementary figure S3 depicts the extracted subnetworks for core genes in miRNA-TF regulatory network.

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Guo et al. BMC Systems Biology 2010 4:10   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-4-10