Figure 5.

Examples of the MATISSE analysis in the cell cycle data of human HeLa cells. Front nodes and back nodes are as indicated in Figure 4. (a) The highest scoring cell-cycle related JACS identified. The genes annotated with "cell cycle" are drawn with thicker border. Gene lists, expression matrices and interactive display of all the subnetworks are available at the supplementary website, (b) Subnetwork hubs. The figure shows 36 nodes in the JACSs that were identified as subnetwork hubs and induced a connected component in the network. 16 additional hubs that had no interactions with other hubs are not shown. The known master regulators p53, ATM, E2F1, TGFβR, CDK4 and CDC42 are circled.

Ulitsky and Shamir BMC Systems Biology 2007 1:8   doi:10.1186/1752-0509-1-8
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