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Pharmacokinetic study on pradofloxacin in the dog – Comparison of serum analysis, ultrafiltration and tissue sampling after oral administration

Gregor Hauschild14*, Karl Rohn2, Eva Engelhardt3, Martin Sager3, Jendrik Hardes1 and Georg Gosheger1

Author affiliations

1 Department of Orthopedics and Tumororthopedics, University Hospital of Münster, Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 33, Münster, 48149, Germany

2 Department of Biometry, Epidemiology and Information Processing; University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Hannover, Germany

3 Central Animal Laboratory, Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

4 LESIA Center for Veterinary Medicine, Hannov, Germany

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Citation and License

BMC Veterinary Research 2013, 9:32  doi:10.1186/1746-6148-9-32

Published: 14 February 2013



Pradofloxacin, a newly developed 8-cyano-fluoroquinolone, show enhanced activity against Gram-positive organisms and anaerobes to treat canine and feline bacterial infections. The purpose of this cross-over study was to measure the unbound drug concentration of pradofloxacin in the interstitial fluid (ISF) using ultrafiltration and to compare the kinetics of pradofloxacin in serum, ISF and tissue using enrofloxacin as reference.


After oral administration of enrofloxacin (5 mg/kg) and pradofloxacin (3 mg/kg and 6 mg/kg, respectively), serum collection and ultrafiltration in regular intervals over a period of 24 h were performed, followed by tissue sampling at the end of the third dosing protocol (pradofloxacin 6 mg/kg). Peak concentrations of pradofloxacin (3 mg/kg) were 1.55±0.31 μg/ml in the ISF and 1.85±0.23 μg/ml in serum and for pradofloxacin (6 mg/kg) 2.71±0.81 μg/kg in the ISF and 2.77±0.64 μg/kg in serum; both without a statistical difference between ISF and serum. Comparison between all sampling approaches showed no consistent pattern of statistical differences.


Despite some technical shortcomings the ultrafiltration approach appears to be the most sensitive sampling technique to estimate pharmacokinetic values of pradofloxacin at the infection site. Pharmacokinetics – Pradofloxacin – Ultrafiltration – Dog – Oral Administration.