Table 7

Summary of questions in relation to improved udder health and analysed for association with SCM in lactating cow on herds in the Savannah region of Nigeria
S/No. Question Response type
1. Herd identification Numeric
2. Herd size Numeric
3. Do you wash hands and/or wear gloves during milking? Yes/No
4. Do you pre strip as part of your preparation before the cows are milked? Yes/No
5. Do you wash the teats as part of your preparation before milking? Never/ Only the cows with dirty udders/all cows
6. Do you use paper towels for the preparation of the udder before milking? Yes/No
7. Do you use a (wet) cloth for preparation of the udder? Yes/No
8. Do you use teat dipping/spraying before milking? Yes/No
9. Do you use teat dipping/spraying after milking? Yes/No
10. How regularly are your milking equipments washed? Daily/weekly/monthly
11. How regularly are your milking equipments replaced? Monthly/annually
12. Which of the following options describe your dry cow therapy best? No dry cow therapy used/ Selective in the cows which I used dry cow therapy on/ I use dry cow therapy on each cows which is dried off
13. Do you have a separate calving paddock for your cows? Yes/No
14. Do heifers and cows have the same calving paddock? Yes/No
15. Do you buy replacement heifers? Yes/No
16. Do you feed your cows after milking? Yes/No
17. If yes, are they fed in a feed pad or in a paddock? If not continue with question 17 Feed pad/paddock
18. Do you feed additional supplement to your lactating cows, choose one of the following option To all lactating and dry cows/only lactating cows/only dry cows/other options like
19. Is mastitis a primary reason for you to cull a cow? Yes/No
20. Do you check the udder health of individual cow timely? Yes/No
21. Do you record treatments of clinical cases of mastitis? Yes/No

Shittu et al.

Shittu et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2012 8:134   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-8-134

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