Figure 1.

Histopathology of IBNC. 1a Case 522/05. Chromatolytic and degenerative changes of neurons of the DMNV HE mag ×225. 1b. Case 3382/94. Silver staining (black) showing extensive degeneration of myelinated axons in descending fibres of the radix of the facial nerve. Glees and Marsland mag ×250. 1c Case 3335/94. Loculated and foamy vacuolation of neuropil adjacent to and impinging on pyramidal neurons of the occipital cortex. HE mag ×250. 1d Case 522/05 Fine, lacy, vacuolation of neuropil in striatum. HE mag ×500. 1e Case 3382/94 Loss of neurons and reactive gliosis in the pyramidal neurons of the CA1 sector of the hippocampus HE mag ×210. 1f Case 3382/94 Gemistocytic replacement gliosis in the CA4 sector (dentate gyrus) of the hippocampus. HE mag ×240

Jeffrey et al. BMC Veterinary Research 2008 4:38   doi:10.1186/1746-6148-4-38
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