Table 1

Targets for new therapies in systemic lupus erythematosusa

Mechanism of action

Examples of targets

T cells

CTLA4-Ig, modified CD40L, inhibition of ICOS

Regulatory T cells: expanding CD4+CD25+, CD8+CD28-

B cells

mAbs to CD20, CD22, BlyS, TACi-Ig, BAFF-RFc

Proteosome/plasma cells


Inhibition of IL-6, IL-10; TNF inhibitors

Innate immune system

Inhibition of IFN-α and IFN-γ, blockade of TLR-7 and/or TLR-9, C5a inhibition


Peptides derived from nucleosomes, splicosomes

Cell surface receptor activation inhibition

Syk kinase, sirolimus

aICOS, ; mAbs, monoclonal antibodies; BlyS, B lymphocyte stimulation; TACi-Ig, immunoglobulin; BAFF-RFc, ; TNF, tumor necrosis factor; IFN, interferon; TLR, Toll-like receptor.

Wallace BMC Medicine 2010 8:77   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-8-77

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