Figure 3.

Cumulative incidence curves using model 3 for incident PD in subjects taking statins (Table 4). Cumulative incidence curves are shown for subjects ≥65 years who were taking each statin. The CV comparator was used as the comparison group. Dark blue line, CV comparator; light blue line, confidence intervals for the CV comparator curve; red line, statin group; pink line, confidence intervals for the statin curves. The first 7 months represent the obligate period for drug treatment, during which subjects were treated and any subjects developing dementia were eliminated from the analysis. (A) Atorvastatin; (B) lovastatin; (C) simvastatin; (D) summary of hazard ratios for each of the statins using model 3.

Wolozin et al. BMC Medicine 2007 5:20   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-5-20
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