Figure 1.

Standard EEG electrode names and positions. Head in vertex view, nose above, left ear to left. EEG electrodes, Z, Midline, FZ, Midline Frontal; CZ, Midline Central; PZ, Midline Parietal; OZ, Midline Occipital. Even numbers, right hemisphere locations; odd numbers, left hemisphere locations, Fp, Frontopolar; F, Frontal; C, Central; T, Temporal; P, Parietal; O, Occipital. The standard 19, 10 to 20 electrodes are shown as black circles. An additional subset of five, 10-10 electrodes are shown as open circles.

Duffy and Als BMC Medicine 2012 10:64   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-10-64
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