Figure 1.

Fasudil increases lifespan of Smn2B/- mice, independent of weight gain and pen test performance. Fasudil (30 mg/kg twice daily) or vehicle (water) was administered by gavage from post-natal (P) day 3 to P21. The different groups analyzed were: untreated wild type (WT) (n = 10), vehicle-treated Smn2B/+ (n = 8), fasudil-treated Smn2B/+ (n = 9), vehicle-treated Smn2B/- (n = 16) and fasudil-treated Smn2B/- (n = 7). (A) Fasudil significantly increases lifespan of Smn2B/- mice when compared to vehicle-treated Smn2B/- mice (*P = 0.0251; # indicates death due to dystocia). Administration of fasudil does not have adverse effects on the lifespan of normal littermates. (B) Fasudil does not prevent the arrest in weight gain that occurs in vehicle-treated Smn2B/- mice onwards of P10.(C) Fasudil does not improve the performance of Smn2B/- mice on the pen test when compared to vehicle-treated Smn2B/- mice.

Bowerman et al. BMC Medicine 2012 10:24   doi:10.1186/1741-7015-10-24
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