Additional file 8.

MARCM showing a partial rescue of Rheb7A1 hypomorphic mutant clones by Myc overexpression. Rheb7A1 homozygous mutant clones suffer of growth disadvantage [39]. These clones, induced at 72 h AEL and marked by GFP expression, are significantly smaller than wild-type siblings, which are marked by CD2 staining (red). The growth defect of Rheb7A1 mutant clones (A) is partially rescued by expression of Myc (B). Those clones are visible by co-expression with GFP, while wild-type clones are marked by the expression of CD2 and visualized by immunofluorescence using anti-CD2 antibodies. To generate MARCM clones the line hs-flp, tub-Gal4 (w+), UAS-GFP (w+); FRT82 [hsCD2 (y+)] tub-Gal80 was crossed with the line w; FRT82 Rheb7E1/TM6b (A) or with w; UAS-dMyc; FRT82 Rheb7E1/TM6b (B). (see Supplementary Material and Methods in Additional file 9).

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Parisi et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:65   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-65