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Expression of RhebAV4 induces Myc-dependent apoptosis. Third instar eye imaginal discs from ey-dm+/Y or ey-dmP0/Y larvae carrying the UAS-RhebAV4 transgene (A-B) or control chromosome (C-D) were tested for the presence of apoptotic cells. Discs were stained with anti-active caspase 3 antibody (red) to visualize cell death, or with anti ELAV (green) to mark the differentiated neuronal cells posterior to the morphogenetic furrow (MF). DAPI staining (blue) indicates nuclei. (E) Quantification of caspase-positive cells in the region posterior to the MF of the indicated genotype (visible in insets). Error bars indicate standard deviation (±) calculated from six independent eye imaginal discs. P < 0.001for t test for ey- dm+/Y; UAS-RhebAV4 vs. ey- dmP0/Y; UAS-RhebAV4 while comparisons within the other genotypes resulted in P > 0.1. (F) Photo of an eye imaginal disc from third-instar ey- dm+/Y; UAS-GFP larvae highlighting the territory where the eyeless-Gal4; UAS-GFP transgene is expressed. Posterior is to the left.

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Parisi et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:65   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-65