Figure 4.

Notch reporter's response to absence of endogenous Notch signalling. (A-N) Analysis of transverse sections of embryos electroporated with pHes5-VNP and pCAG-CherryNLS (A-G), or pHes5-VNP, pCAG-CherryNLS and pCAG-CSLDN (H-N), and harvested 24 hours post transfection, reveals that cells where Notch signalling is abolished by misexpression of CSLDN do not express VNP. Reduction of Notch signalling in embryos electroporated with CSLDN was confirmed by observation of down-regulation of Hes5-1 (K-L) and up-regulation of Delta1 (M-N) expression. (A-C), (D-E) and (F-G) correspond to three consecutive slides of one representative embryo and (H-J), (K-L) and (M-N) correspond to three consecutive slides of another embryo. The right side of the neural tube is electroporated on all images shown.

Vilas-Boas et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:58   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-58
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