Figure 7.

Quantification of PMM depletion phenotypes in HeLa cells. Images from HeLa cells as described in Figure 6 were quantified for phenotypical changes. (A) Cell-cell adhesion. A junction was counted as adherent if more 50% of the length of that cell side was in contact with the neighbouring. The number of sides with junctions was divided by the total number of sides to give the percentage of adherent junctions. The number of sides varied between three to eight/cell. In each experiment 40 cells in each of two images were quantified per condition; therefore, total cell number analysed/condition = 120. (B) Microspikes. In each experiment, protrusions from the cell edge were counted for 16 cells in each of two images; therefore, the total number of cell edges analysed/condition = 96. (C) Nuclear morphology. In each experiment, three fields of cells (50 to 200 cells/field) were counted per condition. Only interphase cells were counted. Misshapen nuclei were defined as those deviating substantially from an oval shape. Graphs show the mean ± SD of two independent experiments.

Bai et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:54   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-54
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