Figure 5.

DNMT1 and PKCζ colocalize in the nucleus of HeLa cells. HeLa cells are shown with (A), DsRed.DNMT1 (red) (B), GFP-phosphorylated-PKCζ (green) (C), DsRed.DNMT1 and GFP-phosphorylated-PKCζ (merged yellow) (D), nucleus (blue) (E), merge nucleus and DsRed.DNMT1 (F), merge nucleus and GFP-phosphorylated-PKCζ (G), merge nucleus, DsRed.DNMT1, and GFP-phosphorylated-PKCζ (H). The construct DsRed.DNMT1 was transfected in HeLa cells 48 hours before cells fixation and permeabilization. An anti-phosphorylated-PKCζ rabbit antibody was used in combination with an anti-rabbit antibody coupled with GFP to detect endogenous activated form of PKCζ.

Lavoie et al. BMC Biology 2011 9:31   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-9-31
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