Figure 1.

Downstream of tyrosine kinase/docking protein (Dok)6 binds to tropomyosin-related kinase (Trk)C intracellular domain (ICD) but not TrkA or TrkB through the phosphotyrosine-binding (PTB) domain in a yeast two-hybrid system. (a) Homology results of seven p62Dok family members analysed with DNAMAN software. (b) Schematic diagram showing the structures of the Dok6 and Trk receptors. (c) Dok6 interacts with the TrkC ICD, but not with TrkA ICD or TrkB ICD in a yeast two-hybrid system. Yeast (SFY526) were transformed with Trk ICD using a pAS2-1 vector and Dok6 using a pACT2 vector, and then cultured on SD/-Trp/-Leu plates for 4 days at 30°C. Colony lift β-galactosidase assays were performed according to the user manual. (d) The Dok6 PTB domain, but not the pleckstrin homology (PH) domain or C-terminal region, binds to TrkC ICD in yeast two-hybrid assays.

Li et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:86   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-86
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