Figure 1.

Multi-gene horizontal transfer from Cuscuta to Plantago. Maximum likelihood (ML) phylogenetic analyses of three mitochondrial genes [atp1 (1272 bp), atp6 (615 bp) and matR (1878 bp)], two plastid regions [rbcL (984 bp) and trnL/trnF intergenic spacer (367 bp)] and the nuclear internal transcribed spacer [ITS (696 bp)] are shown. All trees are drawn to the same scale (scale bar is at top right). Bootstrap values >80% from 100 ML replicates are shown. 'P' denotes Plantago and 'C' Cuscuta. Lamiales are coloured in shades of red, with lighter red for Plantaginaceae and darker red for the remaining families, except for three Plantago species involved in horizontal gene transfer, which are in blue (Plantago coronopus), turquoise (P. macrorhiza) or violet (P. subspathulata). Solanales are in shades of grey, with lighter grey for Convolvulaceae and darker grey for the remaining families. Gentianales are in green and served as outgroups to root the mitochondrial trees.

Mower et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:150   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-150
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