Figure 2.

Distribution of single-molecule sequencing (SMS) reads among exonic, intronic and intergenic regions in RiboMinus RNA of different Ewing Family of Tumours samples. RNA samples were prepared as described in the Materials and Methods section of the paper for sequencing. Each source of RNA (from immortalized cell lines (CHLA), from primary and metastatic tumours, from primary and metastatic tumours from one individual (matched) and from primary and metastatic tumours from different individuals (unmatched), was used after the removal of most of the ribosomal RNA by RiboMinus treatment. Each sample was sequenced on one or more channels. Reads were aligned to the hg18 or dm3 version of the human or fly genomes. After removal of reads that aligned to mitochondrial and ribosomal sequences, the remaining sequences were assigned as exonic (white), intronic (grey) or intergenic (black) based on the University of California Santa Cruz genes database and the percentages found for each are shown as pie charts. The exact read data can be found in Additional File 3: Table S2

Kapranov et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:149   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-149
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