Figure 4.

Irga6 focal expression is reduced in mouse strains with genetic defects affecting invariant natural killer T cells (iNKT) differentiation. (A) Irga6 focal expression was assayed in organs from mouse strains carrying natural deletions in the T-cell receptor (TCR) Vβ8 locus - namely, SWR/J, SJL/J, C57BR/J, C57L/J and RIIIS/J, A/J and C57BR/cdJ strains - that have an intact TCR Vβ locus, were also tested. Quantification of Irga6 expression foci was carried out as described (Figure 2A). Focus numbers from the test strains are presented as a percentage of the numbers found in C57BL/6. (B and C) Irga6 focal expression was assayed for organs from mice deficient in CD1 d, Jα18, TAP1, MHC II Aβ or MAVs. Quantification for Irga6 focal expression was carried out and presented as described in Figure 2A. For raw data see Additional file 1: Table S1.

Zeng and Howard BMC Biology 2010 8:142   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-142
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