Figure 8.

Deregulation of stress-response, proliferation and differentiation pathways in serum-starved ArtΔ/Δ MSCs. (a) Difference in RFC (ΔRFC) between WT and ArtΔ/Δ cells (defined as [WT RFC] - [ArtΔ/Δ RFC]) was determined for the 157 genes identified in Figure 7a. Plotted are data for all genes showing ΔRFC = 2 or greater. Positive ΔRFC values indicate a higher RFC in WT than in ArtΔ/Δ samples; conversely, negative ΔRFC values denote lower RFC in WT than in ArtΔ/Δ samples. Individual gene names are indicated. (b) RFC for genes in (a) are indicated, with WT (dark fill) and ArtΔ/Δ (light fill) data overlaid. Genes with gene ontology (GO) annotations in BMP/WNT signaling, or in other growth factor signaling, are indicated by red/green (WT/ArtΔ/Δ) or blue/orange (WT/ArtΔ/Δ) shading, respectively. (c-e) RFC data for genes with GO annotations for stress response (c), cell proliferation (d), or cell differentiation (e) are shown. RFC for each gene in WT (gray bars) and ArtΔ/Δ (open bars) samples are overlaid. Individual gene names are indicated. Genes with in BMP, WNT or growth factor signaling pathways are highlighted in red.

Maas et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:132   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-132
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