Figure 1.

Effect of dCTCF alleles on the imprinted Dp(1;f)LJ9 garnet (g) gene expression. (a) Maternally transmitted Dp(1;f)LJ9 mini-X chromosome; the control (y1zag53d/Dp(1;f)LJ9) displays full garnet expression with no variegation observed. Both dCTCF mutant alleles tested (y1zag53d/Dp(1;f)LJ9; CTCFEY15833/+ and y1zag53d/Dp(1;f)LJ9; CTCF30/+) disrupt maintenance of the maternal imprint, causing variegated garnet gene expression. Significant reduction in both red and brown pigment levels is observed in the presence of CTCFEY15833 or CTCF30 alleles. (b) Paternally transmitted Dp(1;f)LJ9 mini-X chromosome; the control (y1zag53d/Dp(1;f)LJ9) exhibits variegated garnet gene expression, whereas the introduction of CTCFEY15833 and CTCF30 alleles had no significant effect on garnet gene variegation. Pigment assay values are expressed as a percentage of wild-type pigment levels ± standard deviation. Values that are significantly different from the controls are marked with an asterisk signifying P < 0.001.

MacDonald et al. BMC Biology 2010 8:105   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-8-105
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