Figure 5.

Divergence time estimates using Bayesian relaxed clock (BEAST). Tree, with the maximum sum of clade credibilities and branch lengths equal to the median ages as calculated from 40,000 post burn-in chronograms. Bars show 95% Highest Posterior Density intervals of age nodes. Calibration points as in the previous figure, with the following exceptions: (i) that the tree prior incorporated for the root of the tree (C1, 93 Ma) was not constrained a priori on a particular clade, but allowed to be calculated in the phylogenetic and dating estimation; and (ii) that all Hawaiian species were constrained as monophyletic prior to the analysis, following the results by Givnish et al. [10] (see Methods).

Antonelli BMC Biology 2009 7:82   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-82
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