Figure 3.

Phylogenetic relationships among Osedax species based on concatenated sequences from two protein-coding genes (COI and H3) and three ribosomal RNA genes (16S, 18S, and 28S). Roman numerals at the right-hand margin delineate five Osedax species-groups. Three methods were used to denote the support for internal nodes: Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP), maximum parsimony (MP) jackknife, and RAxML bootstrap values. If all three methods produced values ≥ 95%, the node is marked with a large black dot. Where support values differ, the BPP, RAxML (italics) and MP values are shown in order, and asterisks (*) equal 100%. Nodes that were not recovered with RAxML or MP analyses are indicated by a dash. Support values ≤ 50 are not shown. Based on most parsimonious reconstructions, the white rectangles mark the loss of palps in O. spiral and the loss of pinnules for the nude-palp species group.

Vrijenhoek et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:74   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-74
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