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Scanning electron micrograph of an unidentified ciliate isolated from anoxic, sulfidic waters of the Cariaco Basin. Figure S1. The ciliate in the picture, isolated from anoxic waters of the Cariaco basin, is covered with bacterial ectosymbionts. Protists with bacterial ectosymbionts are frequently recovered from sulfidic waters of both, the Cariaco Basin as well as the Framvaren Fjord. It is not unlikely that these as yet unidentified bacteria may play a role as an adaptive mechanisms for some protists to thrive in anoxic sulfidic environments. This picture is courtesy of Orsi W., Edgcomb V., Hohemann T. and Epstein S.S. as part of a study on bacterial ectosymbionts on protists from the Cariaco Basin (Orsi et al., in preparation for publication).

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Stoeck et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:72   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-72