Figure 4.

Taxonomic distribution (phylum-based assignment) of protistan and fungal V9 tags. Relative taxonomic distribution of unique protistan and fungal V9 tags generated from four anoxic water samples of the Caribbean Cariaco deep-sea basin (CAR1-4) and from four anoxic water samples of the Norwegian Framvaren Fjord (FV1-4). Phyla that were represented by a proportion ≥1% of all unique tags in at least one of the eight libraries used for 454 sequencing is shown. The category others denotes tags that could not be assigned to a taxonomic entity based on an 80% BLASTn similarity threshold and tags which fell into other phyla or taxon groups but were represented by <1% of the unique tags in all of the eight PCR amplicon libraries used for 454 sequencing. A higher resolution of lower-taxon rank-based assignments of dominant phyla is given in Figures 5-9. The data that served as a basis for the taxonomic bar chart are available as supplemental material (Table S3 in Additional file 5).

Stoeck et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:72   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-72
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