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JNK signalling is activated in scrib1 + RasACT tumour cells. Larval eye/antennal imaginal discs containing eyFLP-induced MARCM clones (green) at day 5 (A-C, E) and at approximately day 7 (D). A pair of eye discs attached to the brain lobes (bl) is shown in (D). Grey scale is β-Gal to detect msn-lacZ enhancer trap activity. Red is phalloidin to mark F-actin. (A) UAS-dRas1V12; msn06946 FRT82B. RasACT-expressing clones show a mild increase in msn-lacZ reporter activity in eye disc clones, especially in the central region of the disc. (B-D) UAS-dRas1V12; msn06946 FRT82B scrib1. scrib1 + RasACT tumours express elevated levels of the msn-lacZ enhancer trap, most prominently in cells located basally within the eye disc (B compared to C) and in the region between the eye and antennal (ant) discs (arrow in B). Tumour cells appear to migrate between the brain lobes and ectopically express the msn-lacZ enhancer trap (D). (E) UAS-dRas1V12; msn06946 FRT82B scrib1 UAS-bskDN. Expression of BskDN in scrib1 + RasACT tumours prevents msn-lacZ expression within the tumour cells.

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Leong et al. BMC Biology 2009 7:62   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-7-62