Figure 2.

Comparative analysis of the Pinnipedia LALBA promoter. Comparison of nucleotide sequences of the immediate upstream promoter regions of the pinniped LALBA gene shows very strong conservation of nucleotide sequences among species. Divergent bases are shaded. Dashes represent gaps in the alignment. Nucleotide positions are shown relative to the start of translation (BOLD). A number of predicted binding sites are indicated. The 'milk box' [RGAAGRAA(N)TGGACAGAAATCAA(CG)TTTCTA] previously identified in LALBA and casein promoter sequences were also present at an identical position in the pinniped LALBA genes. The base involved in the Cape fur seal G to T mutagenesis to correct the predicted TATA box from AAGAAA to AATAA is shown by an asterisk, and bases involved in creation of a STAT5 site by converting CAAn6GAT to CAAn6GAA via mutagenesis in harbour seal and Cape fur seal are underlined. GS: grey seal, RS: ringed seal, HS: harbour seal, CFS: cape fur seal, AFS: Antarctic fur seal, CSL: California sea lion.

Sharp et al. BMC Biology 2008 6:48   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-6-48
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