Figure 1.

O-fucose is not required during embryonic neurogenesis. Embryos immunostained with anti-ELAV (green) and either anti-HRP or anti-OFUT1 (magenta) antibodies, as indicated. Panels marked prime show separate channels of the same embryo. (A)Wild-type embryo. (B) Ofut14R6 mutant embryo from Ofut14R6 germline clone. A neurogenic phenotype is revealed by the expansion of ELAV staining. (C) Ofut14R6 mutant embryo from Ofut14R6 germline clone expressing Ofut1R245A from a genomic rescue construct(Ofut1R245A[18.1]). OFUT1R245A expression is visible. ELAV staining shows the absence of a neurogenic phenotype. (D) Gmd1 mutant embryo derived from Gmd1 germline clone. Absence of fucosylation was confirmed by the absence of the HRP epitope; neurogenesis appears normal.

Okajima et al. BMC Biology 2008 6:1   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-6-1
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