Figure 3.

EMTs configure the premitotic cytoplasm. Green: GFP-MAP4 (in A-I). Red: FM4-64 (in A, E and F), Alexa 633 (in B), ST-YFP (in C), Mitotracker (in D) FM4-64 labeled endosomes (A), Alexa 633 labeled pinocytic vesicles (B), ST-YFP labeled GA (C) and Mitotracker labeled mitochondria (D) all remain in the vicinity of GFP-MAP4 marked EMT tracks. (E) At interphase, GFP-MAP4 labeled microtubules remain in the cortex and FM4-64 labeled vacuoles occupy most of the endoplasmic space. [F] At preprophase, GFP-MAP4 labeled EMTs intersect the vacuoles labeled by FM4-64. Premitotic cells treated with latrunculin B (G), oryzalin (H) or both (I) show cytoplasmic disorganization in the presence of oryzalin (H-I). Bars represent 8 μm.

Dhonukshe et al. BMC Biology 2005 3:11   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-3-11
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