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Expression profiles of Id2, Id3, FoxC2 and Snail1 to developing somites. Id2 (A, E, I), Id3 (B, F, J), FoxC2 (C, G, K) and Snail1 (D, H, L) are expressed in the presumptive lateral domain of epithelial somites at E2.0 (dashed lines and yellow arrows in A-D) and in the lateral DM at E2.5 (E-H, black arrows), but are downregulated at E3.5 in the dissociated DM (I-L, black arrows) although the VLL is still epithelial (dashed lines). Note additional sites of expression of some of the transcripts in sclerotome and in the dorsomedial lip of the DM. Bar: (A-D) 50 μm, (E-L) 100 μm. CV, cardinal vein; DM, dermomyotome; E, embryonic day; M, myotome; VLL, ventro-lateral lip.

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Applebaum et al. BMC Biology 2014 12:53   doi:10.1186/s12915-014-0053-9