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Peptide priming of TCRVα, TCRVαβ transgenics or littermate controls does not result in a systemic cytokine storm or reduced thymocyte numbers. (A) Littermate controls, TCRVα and TCRVαβ transgencis were immunized with 200 μg SEB (striped bars) (littermate controls, n = 5; TCRVα, n = 9; TCRVαβ, n = 9), PBS/CFA (white bars) (littermate controls, n = 4; TCRVα, n = 4; TCRVαβ, n = 4), or 50 μg PLP/CFA (black bars) (littermate controls, n = 4; TCRVα, n = 4; TCRVαβ, n = 4). (B) Serum samples were collected at time points 0, 2, 24 and 72 hours from mice injected with SEB (striped bars), PBS/CFA (white bars) or 50 μg PLP/CFA (black bars) and IFNγ (top row) and TNF-α (middle row) levels measured by ELISA. On Day 7, total thymocyte counts and CD4/CD8 thymocyte ratios were determined (bottom row). CD4 single positive thymocytes were isolated by cell sorting and the CDR3β repertoire of (C) littermate controls and (D) TCRVα transgenic mice immunized with PLP/CFA determined by TCR subcloning and sequencing.

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Reynolds et al. BMC Biology 2014 12:32   doi:10.1186/1741-7007-12-32